Riikka Huusari

Post-doctoral researcher (Aalto University, Finland)

I am post-doctoral researcher in Aalto University (Finland), KEPACO group. My main research focuses on using kernel methods in learning problems with complicated data interactions, e.g. multi-view learning.


I obtained my PhD, titled "Kernel learning for structured data A study on learning operator- and scalar-valued kernels for multi-view and multi-task learning problems", in November 2019 from Aix-Marseille Université (France), Laboratoire d'Informatique et des Systèmes de Marseille, Qarma team specializing in fundamental and applied research in machine learning. My thesis work was part of the Lives (Learning with Interacting ViEwS) project under supervision of assoc.prof. Cécile Capponi and assoc.prof. Hachem Kadri.

I obtained my master's degree in June 2016 from University of Helsinki (Finland), with the major of applied mathematics and specializing in computational mathematics. Before that I became a bachelor of science in mathematics in June 2014 from University of Helsinki, with minor in computer science.